We're Back in Business

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Somedays I feel like this squirrel.... hanging on and trying to figure out the next step!

Because photography sessions were considered non-essential, my studio was closed from March to the beginning of June.  I took a cautious approach and opened the middle of June, doing only outdoor sessions.  I've had 4 sessions already, and have more seniors booked for July and August.

We're back in business, but things have changed a little bit due to the Covid-19 Virus.  We're following the CDC guidelines by socially distancing during our sessions, and having clients bring their own props.  Because I normally use a zoom lens, and stand at least 6 feet from my clients, nothing has really changed in that regard.  You still get the great photographs you've come to expect from Kathy Weigman Photography.

We're still looking at how we'll do our in person viewing and ordering sessions.  We'll either set up the studio so that clients can be at one table and I can be at another table, at least 6 feet away.  The area will be sanitized before and after each viewing session.  Clients will be asked to use hand sanitizer when they arrive, and masks will be recommended.  The other option is doing a Zoom viewing and ordering session.  We'll monitor the WI guidelines, as well as the CDC guidelnes.

Everyone is learning as we navigate through this crazy time.  We've taken a pause in life, and have hopefully rediscovered what is really important in our lives. Be safe, wash your hands, and wear a mask when out with others.

If You Can't Do What You Do, Do What You Can!

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We're in uncharted waters with the Covid-19 pandemic right now.  All non essential businesses have been asked to close, by the governor, and that's me.  All photography businesses should be closed to help limit the spread of the virus.

I'd love to be doing front porch pictures for people, but I can't because my business is closed.  I'd love to do some outdoor sessions, but I can't because I'm closed.  Instead, I shelter at home and find things to do around my house.  Don't get me wrong, I do go outside for walks, but I go alone.  I'm not meeting with friends or visiting with family.

If you can't do what you do, do what you can.  I can't take photos to help during this time, but I can sew masks for healthcare workers, so that's what I've been doing.  So far, I've sewn over 50 masks.  I've donated many of them to Froedtert Hospital, in Milwaukee, where my daughter in law, Nicole, works.  I've made some for family and friends too, as now we're all supposed to wear one when we're out in public.  Nursing homes need them as well.  As you can see, Pixel wants to help too!

IMG_0353IMG_0353 IMG_0356-2IMG_0356-2
Safer at Home means just that.  We are safer at home, and help to not spread the virus to others.  Sometimes, you don't even know you're contagious for 1-2 weeks and by then, you've possibly infected everyone you've come in contact with.  Only go out for essential trips to the grocery store or pharmacy.  That doesn't mean going to the playground with your kids, meeting your friends at someone's house, having a fire and invite the neighbors over.....it means to stay at home.

We'll get through this if we all work together.  I'm so appreciative to the doctors, nurses, EMTs and other healthcare workers, as well as the essential workforce who gets food to the stores and keeps them running.

When we do get through this, I can't wait to start photographing all my seniors again and do some fall family sessions.  To show my appreciation to ALL my clients, past & present, I'm going to be offering something I've never done before.  Family mini sessions.  As soon as things have settled down and are back to normal (whatever the new normal will be,) I'll get information out to everyone through email and my website.

In the meantime.  Stay at home, and stay safe.

Studio Closed for the Safety of my Clients

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IMG_1387IMG_1387It’s crazy out there!
With the recommendation of having everyone practice social distancing and isolation, I’ve decided not to do any studio sessions at this time, for the safety of my clients due to the Covid-19 virus.  I know professional photos are great, and I love working with my clients, but we just can’t risk it at this time.

i am booking senior portrait sessions, but they won’t happen until June, and then only if it’s deemed safe. Contact me if you’re interested in talking about a senior portrait session.

in the meantime, take photos of your children, family and the world around you.  Here are some tips for taking a better photo. Haul out your point and shoot camera, or just use your cell phone, chrome book or iPad. The best camera is the one you have with you. 

*If you don’t have flash, use soft window light to light your subject. 
*Get some candid shots of your kids doing online learning or dancing. 
*Get up close and fill the frame. 
*Look from different angles before pressing the shutter button. Shoot from down low, or from above, or from the side. 
*Do some fun shots with distortion. Remember, whatever is closest to the camera will look the largest. 

Just have some fun, practice isolation and social distancing, and connect with your family. Even in uncertain times,  being made to stay at home, with your family, can be a gift. I can’t wait to pick up my camera again and start creating memories with my clients. 💕

It was a GREAT year for Senior Portraits!

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I was so lucky to have some great seniors to photograph this summer & fall!  I started the end of June, and finished my last session the middle of October!  I shot in a lot of different locations including Door County, Hortonville, Neenah, Menasha, Shervood, Appleton, Kimberly & Kaukauna.  I LOVED getting to know all the seniors and their parents, and I reconnected with a few families that I did senior portraits for an older sibling.  

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Looking for a few awesome 2020 Grads!

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I know you're probably not thinking about senior portraits because it's winter!  But, actually, now is the best time to seek out your senior portrait photographer and get your date in the books.  I'm also looking for a few awesome juniors ( who will graduate in 2020) to be reps for my studio!  If you commit now, we can get some great winter photos for your portfolio.  Simply fill in the application at the top of my website and submit it.  If you want to be a spokesmodel (aka rep) for Kathy Weigman Photography, you can be!  All I expect is that you like to be in front of the camera and like to have fun!  Other studios only accept one or two from each area school, but I think the more I have, the more fun it will be!  Apply today, and I'll send you information about the program and perks!  Afterall, everyone loves perks!! 

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