What??? but it's only January!

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Many of you may be thinking..."it's only January and my son/daughter is only a junior!  Why should I be booking my son or daughter's senior portrait session now?"  Well, the answer is, that before you know it, it's going to be June, your senior will have graduated, and many of the prime session dates will be taken already.  By booking now, you'll get the week or day you want, and your senior can be sure that they don't get scheduled for work that day.  Plus, many photographers have a limited number of sessions they offer.

I only accept 30 seniors, and only 1 each day, to be sure that I can give each of them a quality experience. It's so fun to watch them shine in front of the camera and for me to capture their true personality.  If they love sports or music, let's include that in their session!  Do they love horses?  No problem!  We can go to the stable.  Pets?  We'll choose a pet friendly location and someone can bring the pet at the beginning or end of the session.

As for choosing your location I have different ideas for urban, country, industrial, woodsy or flowers.  By booking now, I can suggest the best time for your session date to get the exact location you desire!  Does Door County hold a special place in your heart?  I'm offering 3 sessions there this summer between the last week in July and the first week in August.  These sessions are highly sought after and book quickly.  We can shoot at Cave Point on the edge of Lake Michigan, or in the small towns of Ephraim, Fish Creek or Sister Bay that lie on the banks of the Bay of Green Bay.  Sunsets are beautiful in Door County!

Send me an email [email protected] or give me a call 920-475-5933 and we can get a session on the calendar for YOUR senior!

Goodbye 2020; Hello 2021

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2020...​.​.​​ ​it was a year full of difficulties, but it was also a year of blessings. ​​Each person faced the pandemic in different ways and did the best they could to cope with the changes. When the ​safer at home orders started​ in WI​, ​in March, I thought it would be for 3-4 weeks and things would go back to normal. Schools went virtual and I found myself trying to teach my students PE from home. Let's just say it was difficult and a lot more work than anyone thought it would be. Living alone was a challenge. I found myself going for drives just to see another human. I did things for my photography business and took up coloring to ease the anxiety. It was hard not to see my friends and family. ​I tried to be optimistic​ and went for walks alone, sewed masks out of fabric I still had, and put hearts and lights in my windows.  

There were blessings though. I was able to offer yard signs to seniors in the area and made some money to keep my business afloat. I learned how to send invoices, figured out a schedule for pick up and had people pick them up from my front porch. I had moms in tears because they said it was the only thing they could do for their senior not having a graduation. I was deeply touched by some of their stories while we talked through the glass door. I was able to go camping twice over the summer and although it wasn't the same, I was still in my happy place. The greatest blessing though, was the birth of my first grandbaby! Noah arrived 3 weeks early, but was healthy and perfect. I can't get enough of that little peanut!

When ​I ​was finally able to reopen my business, we had to adhere to the restrictions that were in place.​ With outdoor sessions, everyone felt a little safer. When the mask mandate was issued, my clients were more than happy to ​wear a mask while inside the studio for their ordering session. Without the support of all of ​my 2020 clients, ​I couldn't have done it.

To ​my clients, ​I can't thank you enough. ​Please know that ​I appreciate you​ all, more than you know​.​ Whether I did senior portraits, family portraits or sports work for you...Thank you! You truly helped me survive one of the toughest years many of us have ever faced.​

​Please continue to support ALL small businesses, and as soon as they can reopen, be sure to especially support those in the hospitality, event, and entertainment industries.

Happy New Year, everyone, ​I can't wait to see ​YOU in 2021​ and make some amazing artwork for your walls​!



Do YOU still need to book YOUR senior portraits?

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great newsgreat news

I have some great news!  I became a Grandma a little early.  On July 5th, Noah James was born and he is perfect.  My heart melted and I am in love with him!  Because he came early, I'm able to add a few more session dates to my schedule in July!  

All my July dates were filled, so this means that I can accept a few more seniors!!  Yay!  If you haven't booked your session yet, please check out my website at Kathy Weigman Photography If you're interested, send me an email [email protected] or give me a call at 920-475-5933.  We can talk about your session and I can send you a copy of my Senior Welcome Magazine.  These are not your parent's senior pictures!  YOU choose the location, YOU choose the looks you want, YOU choose to include your sports and activities into the session.   

Call soon!  I'll also add a $25 discount on any of my July sessions!!


We're Back in Business

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Somedays I feel like this squirrel.... hanging on and trying to figure out the next step!

Because photography sessions were considered non-essential, my studio was closed from March to the beginning of June.  I took a cautious approach and opened the middle of June, doing only outdoor sessions.  I've had 4 sessions already, and have more seniors booked for July and August.

We're back in business, but things have changed a little bit due to the Covid-19 Virus.  We're following the CDC guidelines by socially distancing during our sessions, and having clients bring their own props.  Because I normally use a zoom lens, and stand at least 6 feet from my clients, nothing has really changed in that regard.  You still get the great photographs you've come to expect from Kathy Weigman Photography.

We're still looking at how we'll do our in person viewing and ordering sessions.  We'll either set up the studio so that clients can be at one table and I can be at another table, at least 6 feet away.  The area will be sanitized before and after each viewing session.  Clients will be asked to use hand sanitizer when they arrive, and masks will be recommended.  The other option is doing a Zoom viewing and ordering session.  We'll monitor the WI guidelines, as well as the CDC guidelnes.

Everyone is learning as we navigate through this crazy time.  We've taken a pause in life, and have hopefully rediscovered what is really important in our lives. Be safe, wash your hands, and wear a mask when out with others.

If You Can't Do What You Do, Do What You Can!

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We're in uncharted waters with the Covid-19 pandemic right now.  All non essential businesses have been asked to close, by the governor, and that's me.  All photography businesses should be closed to help limit the spread of the virus.

I'd love to be doing front porch pictures for people, but I can't because my business is closed.  I'd love to do some outdoor sessions, but I can't because I'm closed.  Instead, I shelter at home and find things to do around my house.  Don't get me wrong, I do go outside for walks, but I go alone.  I'm not meeting with friends or visiting with family.

If you can't do what you do, do what you can.  I can't take photos to help during this time, but I can sew masks for healthcare workers, so that's what I've been doing.  So far, I've sewn over 50 masks.  I've donated many of them to Froedtert Hospital, in Milwaukee, where my daughter in law, Nicole, works.  I've made some for family and friends too, as now we're all supposed to wear one when we're out in public.  Nursing homes need them as well.  As you can see, Pixel wants to help too!

IMG_0353IMG_0353 IMG_0356-2IMG_0356-2
Safer at Home means just that.  We are safer at home, and help to not spread the virus to others.  Sometimes, you don't even know you're contagious for 1-2 weeks and by then, you've possibly infected everyone you've come in contact with.  Only go out for essential trips to the grocery store or pharmacy.  That doesn't mean going to the playground with your kids, meeting your friends at someone's house, having a fire and invite the neighbors over.....it means to stay at home.

We'll get through this if we all work together.  I'm so appreciative to the doctors, nurses, EMTs and other healthcare workers, as well as the essential workforce who gets food to the stores and keeps them running.

When we do get through this, I can't wait to start photographing all my seniors again and do some fall family sessions.  To show my appreciation to ALL my clients, past & present, I'm going to be offering something I've never done before.  Family mini sessions.  As soon as things have settled down and are back to normal (whatever the new normal will be,) I'll get information out to everyone through email and my website.

In the meantime.  Stay at home, and stay safe.

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