Kathy Weigman photography - Appleton Sports Photographer

Collages can be ordered before any season begins. Kathy designs collages for sports and activities at any high school within the Fox Valley in WI. Get 5-6 athletes to order collages, and she'll come to a number of events to take pictures of each athlete. She then combines 7-10 of those photos into a unique collage for each athlete that ordered one. They make great keepsakes! Contact Kathy for more information.

Team posters can be done for any team or club in the Fox Valley. Kathy takes photos, designs the poster and has them printed. Each poster is 12" x 18" and teams can order 50 or more posters to promote their team!

Banners are a great way to promote your senior athletes. Banners are unique and personal, and can displayed at their sports venue for the season. Banners are 2' x 3', have grommets for hanging, and are weather resistant. Call Kathy for more details.

Team trading cards are a unique way to promote your high school or club team. Kathy takes individual photos of each player, then designs double sided trading cards. Call Kathy at 920-733-3425 for details and pricing.
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